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Our Story

JACCANA has taken many forms since its inception!

The first atelier was set up in the year 2007 at an abandoned school in Agra, India. We are creators of ”Statemen Pieces” and Bespoke Commissions in Nacre/Bone/Horn/Pietra Dura/ Rock Crystal/Selenite/Lost Wax Casting et cetera!

We strive for excellence using finest quality materials and Craftsmanship, specializing in what we term, “Signed & Designed” items of Surfaces & Furniture. These are rare pieces, superbly crafted & made from the best materials! Where in most cases are One-of Pieces which is what makes is exclusive & rare!

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Ram Kabadi

Founder & Creative Director

In a world where time seems to move swiftly, I am a dreamer and seeker of stillness and depth, always thinking in patterns and forms. Imagining our craftsmen sculpting moments frozen in stone. I believe we are the stewards of an ancient craft reborn in the modern era. I found my calling about 16 years ago, and ventured to start the workshop in Agra, that specialised in artistic inlay and stone products. My journey began not in the clamor of industry, but in the embrace of tradition. Guided by the wisdom and experience of retired Master artisans.


Each piece we envision to create is a validation to the union of form and function, where functionality meets artistry. Be it intricate Hand Crafted surfaces,Museum Quality pieces, mosaics or Architectural decor, our work transcends mere decoration.


In the times of depleting breed of the craft, we have emerged as a custodian of this craft that has a heritage and is timeless.

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